One of those days

Today has been one of those days. Crying baby, toddler who won’t stop, 4 yr old who wants his answer now and WILL repeat 50 times in the time it takes to take a breath to answer, and schooling (trying) two kids who would rather be doing anything else so they give the constant “oh that’s so interesting” answer Aka the “let’s move along” answer. That kind of day.

I basically threw my hands up the second we had finished eating dinner after my husband got home and ran to the safety of our bedroom. Not fair to him in anyway but thoughts of jumping in the car and driving far far away danced in my head so I thought this was the better choice. So here I am. Life will move on and tomorrow’s a new day, or so they say. But to get to tomorrow I have to get through today. Which means going back down and facing the madness and the mess that awaits. Wish me luck. 👍



So we went through our swecond hurricane this past weekend. First that actually felt like a hurricane and not just a regular storm. About a week before, we had a big storm which flooded everything around and even opened up a 5 ft sink hole in our yard. So things were just starting to dry up and in comes hurricane Matthew (which by the way is my brother’s name, so I’ll be able to use that in the future 😉). Our home faired fine through the hurricane, our sink hole opened another foot (swimming pool courtesy of my brother, maybe?), but things didn’t turn out for many others around these parts.

Lots of displaced people, people still evacuated because there’s a weak dam that may breech (although last report showed that it’s looking less likely to happen thankfully). Our church is teaching out and serving hot meals this week to those without. Many groups are collecting items to help replace what others lost. So we went into the attic this morning and dug out all of our old baby clothes, and bassinet that our youngest just outgrew. He is our last so it’s of no use to us now. I pray it goes to those it’s intended for. I have a paranoia about things like that. But that’s not on my head I suppose. I classified today’s endeavor under “community outreach” at our little homeschool.

I pray for those who are suffering with loss, those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. I pray that the community continues to gather together and support those in need and do whatever they can to help. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

One more

Finding time to fit everything in is perhaps the hardest thing I’m struggling with these days. I always heard people say after 2 kids what’s one more? It gets easier after that because (insert reason here). Then I heard after 3 what’s one more? And then again after number 4. I’ve come to the conclusion that one more is a lot. It’s one more to get ready, it’s one more diaper to change, it’s one more to feed, it’s one more to love and cuddle and nurture and correct. It’s one more of every single thing. Is it a bad thing? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t trade any of my one mores for the world. But it is a lot. It’s a lot to cram into the hours of the day. To teach, feed, discipline, bathe, love and nurture.

Is everyone getting their needs met? Is everyone getting the amount of time they need to succeed and thrive? Is everyone happy and healthy and enjoying their youth? I pray so. I pray that as I struggle to keep up with the one more of everything for everyone that they know how much I love and care for them and would go to the ends of the earth for them. I pray that I don’t fail because often times that’s exactly what I feel like I’m doing. But I will keep on because all of my one mores are more important to me than that.

Ending on a high note

Watching as my children have been learning has been such a gift. Yes, of course I’ve done this since birth walking, talking, potty training, manners, ect… I even homeschooled our oldest son, Ryan now in the 3rd grade, when he was in kindergarten. However, I had forgotten how rewarding actually walking them through the steps of the technical schooling (math, history, science, writing…) can be too. It’s not all gravy, what is?, but it is starting on a high note and that’s all I can and will ask for in this moment. My husband has to go back to work Monday (boo!) so I’ll be at it by myself again and we’ll see how next week ends 😉.


Mountain views

“The mountains are calling and I must go”…image

That sentiment is so true to my soul. They call my name this time of year, every year since we moved to where it’s possible to visit them. I come from Oklahoma. More precisely, western Oklahoma. The song, Oklahoma (“where the wind comes sweeping down the plain”), is utterly true. I don’t know for sure, I’ve never looked it up, but I would bet that the author was in western Oklahoma when they penned that ditty. Wheat fields and wind, red dirt and little water most years. That is western OK. I loved it there, it holds a part of my heart. You can see forever and watch as a thunderstorm (or tornado) rolls in from miles away. You can drive and find back roads with absolutely nothing on them. You can take your four wheeler, ranger, razor, or whatever off roading vehicle you prefer, go to the river that holds little to no water and make your own fun. It really is a nice place to be raised.

But these mountains. The majesty that comes with them. The trees that go on as far as the eye can see. The colors from those trees this time of year. The trails that can be blazed that lead to outlooks and waterfalls and rivers and openings with more beauty than you can imagine. The mountains where you can’t see anything that’s around the bend which makes you curious about what’s around the bend, only to find another bend that calls your name. Another peak that’s in the distance beckoning to be driven or walked to. They call my name I tell you.

Which is why we are headed to the mountains for a mini vacation. Daddy is on leave and instead of sitting in a classroom missing another day with their dad tomorrow my kids will be out with him exploring the mountains and what this countryside has to offer for their science lesson. We have spent today learning math and history in the car and tomorrow will collect leaves to go home and study when vacation is done. My husband knows how much this place calls to me and tries to plan leave so we can go around this time of year (October is better for the colors of the trees but you gotta take what you can with the military right??). Just another upside to our decision to homeschool. Freedom to leave without worry of piled up work.

“The mountains are calling and I must go” so I’m off to explore. image.jpeg

Heart of our home

My husband is on leave this week, thank God for leave. It’s been a rough few months with training, a new baby, a toddler and trying to homeschool. I started strong (does a week and a half count as a start?) on homeschool. Then came training. With a new baby I felt more than a little overwhelmed. Panic set in and I caved like a cheap suit. I put the kids back into the Christian school they’ve went to the past two years. Those two years there was a great peace about that decision. They are great and loving to our kids. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about that school (except the fundraisers: I HATE fundraisers). They have a heart for what they do and it shows.

Fast forward several weeks and there was still no peace about this years decision. Nothing has changed about the school, they’re still great but it wasn’t what we were called for this year. So yesterday was the kids’ last day there and we are back to homeschooling as of today. It was rough. The kids were in a routine at their school. They had reconnected to their friends from last year and made new friends. They liked their teachers. They were ok there. But ok is not good enough. It is mediocre. Mediocrity is not what God has called us to. So in the midst of today’s battle we took a break, had some quiet time, a family meeting and came back together to finish the day strong.

It’s going to take some adjustments. If today is any indication it’s going to take a lot of them. But with the Lord’s help we will get in our own routine. We will get in our groove. The kids will make friends in the activities we’ve set up. They will like their new teacher 😉 and we will learn to learn together and be stronger because of it. At least that is the prayer of my heart.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3