One of those days

Today has been one of those days. Crying baby, toddler who won’t stop, 4 yr old who wants his answer now and WILL repeat 50 times in the time it takes to take a breath to answer, and schooling (trying) two kids who would rather be doing anything else so they give the constant “oh that’s so interesting” answer Aka the “let’s move along” answer. That kind of day.

I basically threw my hands up the second we had finished eating dinner after my husband got home and ran to the safety of our bedroom. Not fair to him in anyway but thoughts of jumping in the car and driving far far away danced in my head so I thought this was the better choice. So here I am. Life will move on and tomorrow’s a new day, or so they say. But to get to tomorrow I have to get through today. Which means going back down and facing the madness and the mess that awaits. Wish me luck. 👍


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