So we went through our swecond hurricane this past weekend. First that actually felt like a hurricane and not just a regular storm. About a week before, we had a big storm which flooded everything around and even opened up a 5 ft sink hole in our yard. So things were just starting to dry up and in comes hurricane Matthew (which by the way is my brother’s name, so I’ll be able to use that in the future 😉). Our home faired fine through the hurricane, our sink hole opened another foot (swimming pool courtesy of my brother, maybe?), but things didn’t turn out for many others around these parts.

Lots of displaced people, people still evacuated because there’s a weak dam that may breech (although last report showed that it’s looking less likely to happen thankfully). Our church is teaching out and serving hot meals this week to those without. Many groups are collecting items to help replace what others lost. So we went into the attic this morning and dug out all of our old baby clothes, and bassinet that our youngest just outgrew. He is our last so it’s of no use to us now. I pray it goes to those it’s intended for. I have a paranoia about things like that. But that’s not on my head I suppose. I classified today’s endeavor under “community outreach” at our little homeschool.

I pray for those who are suffering with loss, those who lost their lives and those who lost their loved ones. I pray that the community continues to gather together and support those in need and do whatever they can to help. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.


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