One more

Finding time to fit everything in is perhaps the hardest thing I’m struggling with these days. I always heard people say after 2 kids what’s one more? It gets easier after that because (insert reason here). Then I heard after 3 what’s one more? And then again after number 4. I’ve come to the conclusion that one more is a lot. It’s one more to get ready, it’s one more diaper to change, it’s one more to feed, it’s one more to love and cuddle and nurture and correct. It’s one more of every single thing. Is it a bad thing? Absolutely not! I wouldn’t trade any of my one mores for the world. But it is a lot. It’s a lot to cram into the hours of the day. To teach, feed, discipline, bathe, love and nurture.

Is everyone getting their needs met? Is everyone getting the amount of time they need to succeed and thrive? Is everyone happy and healthy and enjoying their youth? I pray so. I pray that as I struggle to keep up with the one more of everything for everyone that they know how much I love and care for them and would go to the ends of the earth for them. I pray that I don’t fail because often times that’s exactly what I feel like I’m doing. But I will keep on because all of my one mores are more important to me than that.


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