Heart of our home

My husband is on leave this week, thank God for leave. It’s been a rough few months with training, a new baby, a toddler and trying to homeschool. I started strong (does a week and a half count as a start?) on homeschool. Then came training. With a new baby I felt more than a little overwhelmed. Panic set in and I caved like a cheap suit. I put the kids back into the Christian school they’ve went to the past two years. Those two years there was a great peace about that decision. They are great and loving to our kids. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about that school (except the fundraisers: I HATE fundraisers). They have a heart for what they do and it shows.

Fast forward several weeks and there was still no peace about this years decision. Nothing has changed about the school, they’re still great but it wasn’t what we were called for this year. So yesterday was the kids’ last day there and we are back to homeschooling as of today. It was rough. The kids were in a routine at their school. They had reconnected to their friends from last year and made new friends. They liked their teachers. They were ok there. But ok is not good enough. It is mediocre. Mediocrity is not what God has called us to. So in the midst of today’s battle we took a break, had some quiet time, a family meeting and came back together to finish the day strong.

It’s going to take some adjustments. If today is any indication it’s going to take a lot of them. But with the Lord’s help we will get in our own routine. We will get in our groove. The kids will make friends in the activities we’ve set up. They will like their new teacher 😉 and we will learn to learn together and be stronger because of it. At least that is the prayer of my heart.

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3


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