Starting a blog, where to begin? I don’t expect much, just a place for me. A place to go and spend time on something I enjoy doing. Writing.

I’m the wife of a Soldier, the mom of 5 kids. Our kids are 8, 6, 4, almost 2 and 3 months and we have decided to start the journey of homeschooling and I have no idea how that will go. But I have faith that this is where God has led us to and if He has led us here, He will see us through. My husband is amazingly supportive of me and anything I decide to do. We have been married for almost 14 years, with the highs and lows of any marriage. I have kids so of course life is messy. As I type this I’m shielding my 3 month old from my almost 2 year old so she doesn’t try to pick him up, while fielding questions from my 4 year old, who will not stop asking until he is answered-his persistence will eventually be beneficial and I know that he will conquer anything that comes his way in life. That doesn’t make it less frustrating at this moment however.

Life here is messy and frustrating and all-consuming of my time and energy but daily I am having patience kneaded into my soul. It doesn’t come naturally, but it is coming, slowly but surely. So to those who may stumble upon my journey: welcome to my crazy life. I’m not sure if you’ll gain anything from this or not, hopefully we both will.

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My name is Michelle, I am an Army wife, mother of 5 just starting a new journey in the world of homeschooling as well as trying my hand at starting a blog as an adventure for myself.

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